When will india bonus challenge start

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About two weeks ago, some players reported that the Bonus Challenge was locked, and that they could not access it. PUBG Mobile developers later stated that the Bonus Challenge was being updated.

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Please provide your feedback. Many players cannot afford to buy in-game currencies. Hence, they look for alternative ways to earn PUBG Mobile UC for free. PUBG Mobile Bonus Challenge gives them the perfect opportunity to do so. Please select an option. Bonus Challenge is a reward-based system that lets the players earn some UC by showcasing their skills. PUBG Mobile players can earn Battle coins which can later be exchanged for UC. They can exchange 1000 Battle coins for 100 UC and 2000 Battle coins for 200 UC. According to an announcement made by a moderator in the official discord server of PUBG Mobile India, the Bonus Challenge will begin from 7:30 AM IST(+5:30 GMT) on 16th July.

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