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One of the most troubling aspects with playing online poker in India is the issue with deposits. Don’t be discouraged because there are ways. Utilizing an e-wallet might be your best bet. Some other preferred methods are namely Neteller, Skrill, and of course, Visa and MasterCard. Not really, just as in many places around the world, there are rogue sites, and there are highly reputable sites. Our team of experts has taken great care in screening only the best for your safe online poker experience. It is good to know that all of the classic varietals of poker will be found at online poker sites. However keeping with the preference of Indian players, you can indulge in Rummy, as well as other leading games such as Texas Hold’em and Omaha. It is not always necessary to download software in order to play online poker. Many sites do not require it, while there are some that do. If you do not like download options, then there are plenty that provide play without that requirement. We have recommended sites that meet a wide variety of tastes. Are all online poker sites safe in India? is the only dedicated review site selected as a member of the Interactive Gaming Council.

Will I find many tournaments? Absolutely- playing online for free is one of the best ways to fine tune your skills and get ready for some real money action. Even some of the best players will take a break from the real money play so as to get acclimated to new environments and to explore new techniques. Because the government of India has not yet specifically addressed the legality of online poker, Indian poker rooms have existed as long as online gambling, since the mid-1990s. Indian online poker websites have long done business with Indian customers, providing legal loopholes to get around financial restrictions in India that can make withdrawals and deposits frustrating.

Do I have to pay taxes on my winnings? Can I play for free? How do I unlock my welcome bonus?

Where there are poker enthusiasts, are tournaments. Tournament action is the lifeblood of poker players around the world. You will find a wide array of options available to you. After reviewing and rating dozens of online poker sites in India, our top choice made the cut because they offer: Understanding the Indian online poker laws, how to deposit, and tax regulations can be a bit confusing. Our FAQ section is designed to put your mind at ease, so read on. You can sign up to these poker sites in India and play to your heart’s content. The trickiest part of playing online poker in India is finding a funds transfer method that you have access to and that your chosen poker site accepts – another reason to sign up with one of our trusted sites, since we picked only those online poker sites in India which allow for a wide range of deposit and withdrawal methods. Because no Indian law exists that prohibits online poker, there is no penalty for playing poker at one of our Indian online poker gambling websites. There is no law explicitly making online poker in India illegal. You should feel safe signing up to our list of Indian Internet poker sites, because our list contains only the best online poker websites for Indians that allow legal play from customers in India.

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