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PokaTheme is the base Theme and it can be used as it is for various use cases. In addition to that, we have created a few more affiliate themes that share most of PokaTheme functionality but with unique design and specific features for each different use case.

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Awesome Casino Theme with a unique modern design. Geo Location is very important for Affiliates. We created a unique plugin that is fully compatible with PokaTheme but can also be used with your own Themes. Poka Review is another WordPress Plugin that we are developing for the past few months. It will enable all the cool features you see on PokaTheme, through the use of a Plugin. More details below: Create different tables with your reviews, organize them into categories, order them with various options and promote your reviews with the best possible way! Even if you want something extremely specific which can’t be achieved with theme options, the theme has extensive actions/filters that can be used to extend the default functionality, create a topic in our support We have implemented JSON-LD structured data for your reviews in order to achieve the best search engine implementation!

Our new Affiliate Theme is finally here! What you get: Poka has been built with all the best SEO practices and is compatible with SEO Plugins like Yoast. Create unlimited page sections with custom fields and shortcodes Change colors/fonts to adjust the look and feel of the layout to your style

Your affiliate links are completely separate from affiliate posts so you can link multiple affiliate posts to a single affiliate link. With a new shortcode that you can place in any page and wherever you want you can add a search form for your reviews so your users can search your reviews archive and see the results almost instantly with autocomplete. After that, magically you have AMP ready versions for your content that loads blazing fast and most importantly, Google loves AMP. Awesome Forex Theme with many affiliate unique features. The source is W3C valid and it is highly optimized for speed and SEO.

Did we mention that you can also try PokaTheme before you buy? Back-end access is also possible. Just contact us. Extensive options for easy customization in Theme Options and various custom fields for your Affiliate posts. Google PageSpeed Insights score 98/100 & Google Mobile-Friendly Your affiliate links are hidden from the frontend until the users click and redirect to the target URL.

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