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And that brings to the end of this concise but crucial tips guide for real money online poker. I believe this is all newer online players need to start finding their footing on the right platform. I wish you all the best exploring, we will be tackling things like the poker player psyche and the games offered on these platforms, keep watching this space, peace out!

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Do not fall for the insane value and mega whales story. Avoid being lured to shady pp poker clubs and illegal home games with strangers. There are a plethora of options to choose from when it comes to real online poker. The best platform for a low-stakes cash game player might be the worst platform for a high-stakes tournament grinder. Here are a few factors to look into when choosing a platform to start playing online poker on. Only play on credible, trusted websites-this keeps your money secure and the games fair. PokerLauncher aims to revolutionise the online poker industry in India by bringing in RAKEBACK Deals and Premium offers and Coupons from Top Poker Rooms. Being the FIRST in the Rakeback segment, we aim to provide bang for the buck to aspiring poker players. PokerLauncher holds a strong 3000+ network of poker players who earn significant amount of cashback every month. In addition to the poker winnings, many of them willing to Refer & Earn to fellow players through our BroCODE affiliate network. Explore our Poker offers galore to know more. Cheers! UI-A clean and crisp U.I is necessary for a smooth online poker experience. The simpler the and faster U.I is ALWAYS, the better U.I not the pretty one!

Leaderboard prize pool-Having a highly profitable leaderboard placement to chase can drastically increase the volume you put in and the money you make. Resend OTP in seconds Resend OTP in seconds Deposit offers-Many platforms will reward a new player’s patronage to their platform with ridiculous first deposit offers that give insane value. Make sure you do a side-by-side comparison of the deposit offers available to you. Remember Password? Join Us A regular schedule of cash games and tournaments-You will never be able to realize your edge in formats without putting in significant volume. A full schedule is vital for grinding poker

Not A User? Register Have fun!. there’s no point to poker if you start doing it like a chore, always have fun with the game and learn to laugh at yourself and your mistakes. Not only will it make you a better poker player but it also enables you to play at the highest potential that you can. Don’t take yourself too seriously Promotions-Are the promotions offering good value? Are the promotions offering something I even want? Promotions done by platform can be massive, make sure you capitalise on them whenever you can as they add free boosts to your bankroll

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