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Three Card Poker is a poker based casino game that recently has become popular in casinos around the world. The game of 3 card poker consists of two seperate games, pairs plus and ante-and-play. As a player at a table, you can choose to player either or both of the games.

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If that is too easy for you and you want to play something that requires a bit more skill, try the Ante-and-Play three card poker, where you can raise your bet and challenge the dealer. In this 3 card poker game you don’t even need a pair to win. You just need a higher hand than the dealer and the better poker hands still payout with odds. One thing to remember is that with only three cards, a straight beats a flush unlike most other poker games. This is because with less cards, it’s easier to get a flush than a straight. Widely accepted three card poker strategy is to raise on Q/6/4 or better. Quite simply, this means if your best card is a queen and your next best card is higher than a 6, you should raise. If your 2nd best card is a 6, then raise if your 3rd card is a 4 or 5 only. Or of course you can play both the games at once if you like to maximize your chance of winning and double the 3 card poker excitement! Read our Privacy Policy If you are a beginner at 3 card poker you should first try playing Pair-Plus three-card poker. Pair-Plus is very simple, all you have to do is get a pair from the 3 cards you are dealt and you have won. Get a straight flush and you’ll win even more, with a 40-to-1 payout. All the usual poker hands like straights, flushes, 3 of a kind, straight flushes etc pay out with good odds. You should raise on Q/6/4 or higher because if you raise on Q/6/3 you can expect to lose 1.0026 chips. This is slighlty more than the single chip you will lose by folding. But if you raise on Q/6/4 the expected loss is 0.9933 chips, putting the odds very slighlty in your favor to take the hand.

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