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Now you can enjoy online roulette from any place on the planet. You don’t have to rely on what type of roulette your local casino chooses. Pick your own rules and get down to playing.

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Row bet – a term that comes from American online roulette, row bet means you place a bet on both zeros. Column bet – a dozen bet that is placed on 12 numbers in a column. Inside roulette bets are placed on the numbers on a roulette board. They pay more but are harder to hit. Here are your options when it comes to inside bets in online roulette. Dozens dozen numbers. In European roulette, you will get that combination with a 32.43% chance, or a 31.58% chance in American roulette. Since the neighboring numbers on the wheel do not quite neighbor on the board, this makes an opportunity for another type of bets, roulette wheel section bets. Dozen refers to a group of 12 consecutive numbers. You can’t pick a line here, and can only bet on 1-12, 13-24 or 25-36. The payout is 2-1, the chance of winning is 32.43%.

Split bet covers two numbers that are close to each other on the board either horizontally or vertically. It pays twice as little, only 17-1, but the chance of hitting it is twice as big, 5.41%. Read this chapter to get to know all types of bets you can make, and which ones you should make. Online roulette is a digital version of the casino classic, the roulette South Africa. There are different types of roulette with different house edges, more than a dozen bets you can place on the board, and a couple of major strategies of winning that you may want to get to know before you start playing. Knowing your chances is crucial for a good game. The idea behind reverse Martingale is to profit from the winning streaks and save money when you are loosing. So you should increase your bet when you win, and lower it when you lose.

The house edge. Every time zero is hit, all the other bets are removed from the table, except the ones placed on zero. This means all even money bets have a winning chance of less than 50%. In European roulette, the edge is 2.7%. Starting from the 1970s casinos began spreading worldwide. The double zero type is predominant in U.S., Canada, and the Caribbean. South Africa’s online roulette follows the American type as well. European roulette is preferred in most other places. These bets are placed according to the numbers as they appear on the wheel, not on the board. There are call bets, as you can’t put the chips yourself. In online roulette, that is done for you automatically Racetrack – in online roulette, racetrack is a type of the board that allows you to place bets on the numbers as they appear on the roulette wheel. In online roulette, you can place bets on a single number, on two adjacent numbers, either vertically or horizontally, on a row, on four or six adjacent numbers, and on dozens. If you are feeling extra lucky, you can place your bet on zero to win when everybody else loses. Straight bet – the highest paying bet in online roulette. It is placed on a single number.

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