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Note: The above example is just for explanatory purposes. NCB is calculated on the Own Damage component of the payable premium and not the overall premium.

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Anyone who has a car for more than 2 years and doesn’t want to lose the NCB. No, No Claim Bonus computation is specific to one car. No Claim Bonus is applicable at the time of policy renewal and only on the ‘Own Damage Cover’ component of your car insurance policy. Own Damage, as the name suggests, is the damage done to the insured car. Another component of car insurance is the Third-party Car Insurance cover, buying at least this component is mandatory as per Indian law. It is beneficial when a major accident is caused by the insured car in which third party property is damaged or a person is injured. Team Acko Dec 9, 2021 No, such kind of NCB transfer is not permitted. For instance, if you do not lodge a claim in the first year of your policy, you will get a 20% discount on the premium of second-year policy. It’s an assured way to save money on the car insurance policy premiums. You earn discounts for every claim-free year.

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The cost of NCB Protection cover will be in the range 5-10% of your policy premium. If you raise a claim and you do not have the NCB protection Add-on, your accumulated NCB will become zero. It does not matter if the claim is for a minor issue or a major one. A claim is a claim and it will affect the NCB calculation. Related Articles: Is it possible to cash-out the No Claim Bonus if I do not want to continue with non-mandatory car insurance? NCB will help you to fetch a discount on policy renewal. This means you will have to pay less premium compared to what you would have paid if you had raised a claim during the policy period.

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