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If you are in it to win it then go for the Tournament/SnG feature which includes:

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Next up we have an online poker company that has been working in the Indian market for a few months now but who has already been making some big movies on the online poker scene, the exciting Real Poker India. In a bid to get new players to join its online poker platform, Real Poker India are offering some enticing sign up bonuses, including a No Deposit Bonus and a Double Your Deposit Bonus, both of which have clearly been working wonders, as their number of users seems to be steadily increasing all the time. If you recently read my piece about the emerging poker sites in India, then you will know that I have been playing on as many different online poker platforms as I can, trying to get a feel for them and discover which ones I think are the best. I am pretty sure that I have been on every online poker site that India has to offer, which has led to me coming up with the 8 online poker sites in India which I think are the best and worthy of your time. Freezeout and Re-buy/Add-on: Here players are eliminated until there is just one player left with all the chips. And they are not allowed to re-buy or add-on – in a ‘freezeout’. When it comes to playing online poker, Spartan Poker is always on top of my list. Not only do Spartan Poker provides online gaming experience but they have raised the bar by organising massive tournaments for players such as India Poker Championship, which has broken records like no other in India. It has a huge number of users playing on its platform and has seen an upward trend, intriguing the players to play more. Spartan Poker always has something new for Indian online poker players and is filled with surprises, just wondering what is going be its next.

Shootout: Here players must keep on winning the table to be able to play in the final round. First up for you, I have one of the top online poker sites in India, who have been working hard to establish themselves as the number one online poker platform in the country, the impressive Adda52. Not only do Adda52 have one of the best gameplay platforms in the online poker industry but they also have some fantastic promotions aimed at not only bringing new players to their site but also rewarding those who are loyal to them. Add in the fact that Chris Gayle is now working with Adda52 and you can see just how well they are doing.

The new version of Khelo365 is loaded with new and exciting features. Cash Game feature, Anonymous, Boost (fast-fold poker), Straddle/re-straddle, Run it twice and Heads up. It was not too long ago when you used to hear quite a lot about Poker Baazi and it seemed for a while that it was going to really have a good go at dominating the online poker scene in India. Unfortunately, though it looks as if it might actually be slipping a bit, as I for one have not been hearing much noise from the site or about it in my poker circles. With that said, Poker Baazi is still going strong and do still have plenty of active rooms to experience. While they do not seem to quite be on the level of Adda52 and Real Poker India, they are not too far away. Please select an option. Khelo365 has a ton of new features that I can go on about. Experience the fun of playing poker online on Khelo365 and stay tuned for the new update due in the month of November 2019. Satellite and multi-stage series tournament – Win here and you can win the buy-in fee to the big games like the World Series of Poker Main Events. Awesome, right?

When it comes to playing online poker, it is probably fair to say that the biggest and most recognisable name in the online poker industry is PokerStars that has been dominating on the poker scene for many years now, all over the world. With that said though, while I can’t deny that PokerStars is great at what it does, I feel like there is something missing which I can’t quite put my finger on. The gameplay is smooth and the site has some great offers but when I am playing on PokerStars, I just feel like I want something a little bit more. Please provide your feedback. One of my personal recommendation would be Khelo365, It offers the best online experience and also provides safety in terms of cash deposits and withdrawals. The new and improved Khelo365 is available for download on Windows, Android and HTML5 Instant Play. It offers an array of Poker games to choose from like Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Pineapple (OFC), Texas 6+ Poker, Boost and Reverse Hold’em. Another new name on the online poker scene in India is PokerRaj, which has been brought to us by the very well known celebrity couple Raj Kundra and his wife Shilpa Shetty, who are looking to pump in the funds to take over at the top of the Indian poker scene. PokerRaj is already coming along nicely but you can tell that it is still in its infancy in terms of getting to where it wants to be. There are a few glitches here and there which need ironing out, not to mention some of the recent noise surrounding some irregularities. But that aside, PokerRaj is coming along nicely and is an enjoyable place to play. Next up we have 9 Stacks and if you have been keeping up with your online poker news in India then you will be aware that 9 Stacks is working rigorously to use all their resources and are aiming to improve its poker platform. At the moment, things all seem a bit basic on 9 Stacks and the simplicity acts as their charm. Of course, a lot can be added but I have still included the site in this list. The reason being, I am quite intrigued to see how their newly aquired fundings will develop and improve their online poker platform. Timed tourney: Race against the clock with this tourney where the winner will be the one who has the maximum chips in a limited set of time.

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