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A casino that can only be used on the internet for deposits of €20 or higher is not even looking for customers planning to only wager small sums. But thanks to the increasing competition, more and more providers are now catering to players with smaller budgets and will accept payments of as little as €1 to the casino account.

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On the positive side, the casinos that specialise in low minimum deposits won’t charge additional fees for the payments. They basically invest in the customer and hope that he or she is convinced of their offering and will continue to make further deposits in the future. Most casinos pay for the fees that occur when a player deposits money on their site. This means: The customer does not have to pay any additional fees for depositing money. The casino therefore has to pay service providers such as PayPal, Giropay, Neteller, etc. who process the deposits. For obvious reasons, these costs are part of a calculated budget, which is why a large percentage of online casinos will set a minimum deposit amount. The lowest possible deposit amount you will find in legitimate online casinos is €1. And even this option is only offered by a fraction of the hundreds of online casino providers out there. As soon as the €5 threshold is reached, the selection is starting to get bigger. The usual minimum deposit amount for well-known casino portals is between €10 and €20. If they allowed players to deposit amounts in cents, they would lose a lot of money. That’s because the costs incurred for the deposits would then be higher than the deposited amounts (even if the player would go on to lose the entire sum). No business can afford to operate in this way and that’s why this option isn’t offered anywhere. Every online casino has their own regulations regarding deposits. Besides the minimum deposit amount, these can also include the range of withdrawal options (e.g. whether PayPal can be used for withdrawals) or the withdrawal fees.

Should the respective online casino refuse to give you this option and therefore not make it able for you to take advantage of any welcome bonus because of the low initial deposit, then you should seriously consider whether you even want to play with this provider. This can often be a first indicator for how the company will behave during withdrawals or in case of possible problems. Luckily, you can simply choose one of the hundreds of competitors and dismiss this particular casino. But even if there are no fundamental differences in playing with bonus money or your own bankroll, real cash will have one distinctive advantage: As long as you’re playing for real money, you can cash out at any point. It doesn’t matter if you’ve only made a few spins on the reels or whether you’ve been playing for hours. By navigating to the cashier, you can initiate a withdrawal in a few simple steps. When playing with a bonus code, things aren’t quite this easy: In that case, you will first have to meet the rollover requirements, which does not always work out as planned. This can often lead to a temporary loss, which is something that any player wants to avoid. That is why we recommend the following, even if you’re only planning on depositing the minimum: Always read the conditions carefully before confirming the transaction. Many casinos have started taking advantage of this scenario and offer bonuses worth more than ten times the deposit amount. But beware: Vouchers of this kind are almost exclusively only valid for the 1st deposit and can’t be used multiple times! Multiple uses with a second user profile are explicitly forbidden in the terms and conditions as well. Before starting any of the games, you should first pay attention to the payout ratio of each game. Whether you made use of the welcome bonus or not is irrelevant. The chances of winning will be the same for all players. Even if a bonus is used, it will not change the casino’s software. Furthermore, the results from the game rounds are subject to a random numbers generator that is tested frequently by independent institutions. Another major factor is whether the withdrawal request takes place on the weekend or during the week. Not all casinos offer withdrawals over the weekend! That means you will often have to wait a few extra days, which might create a bit of stress. The last important point is whether the account has been validated already. The verification is a necessary requirement for receiving the money. This is a rule by the regulating authorities that is supposed to contain money laundering. Therefore the withdrawal will happen a lot faster if your account has already been verified! One tip: You can confirm your identity directly after registering. This will often shorten your waiting time later on by multiple days. However, if you have chosen the lowest possible deposit amount and wish to make use of the welcome bonus later on, then not all hope is lost: Most online casinos know that there are many players who want to deposit a small amount at first to test the functionality and the offered games of the provider. This is nothing unusual. Legitimate casinos accept this approach and will therefore not exclude their players from taking advantage of bonus codes.

Generally, there are many customers who wish to test out the offerings and games with a small deposit at first – therefore small initial deposits don’t necessarily mean that the person won’t wind up betting larger sums in the long run. Casinos that don’t offer players the chance to test things out for small amounts will not be presented on this website. Yes, at least if it is a licensed provider! For our comparisons, we made sure to only present online casinos that are based in Europe. In this way, you as a customer will be on the safe side – because the last thing you want after a lucrative win are legal disputes. When using untrustworthy casinos based in the Caribbean or in South America, this is always a risk factor. Should you still wish to play with such providers, then we will not be able to ensure a secure gaming environment for you. Even if these casinos receive great reviews on various platforms, you should still be very careful! These test reports often don’t reflect reality but are pure marketing and aren’t created in an independent manner. One of the biggest differences between a classic casino bonus without deposit and one where a minimum deposit is required is the possibility to withdraw winnings of any amount. While the free vouchers – which often have a small value of between €3 and €20 – almost always carry a restriction over the maximum pay-out amount (e.g. €100), we will not present any offers on this website where this bonus condition is enforced. While most online casinos have a minimum deposit, this amount is often bigger than many players would like. Usually, the minimum deposit amount is €20 or more, which might be too much for some. In online casinos, a minimum deposit usually means an amount between €1 and €25. Obviously the budget of each player will be the biggest determining factor about what they consider a “low amount”.

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