Legal gambling in is india?

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Only two states have decided to regulate sports betting, but online sports betting remains highly available thanks to the previously mentioned archaic gambling laws. Categories: Gambling Laws Seeing as sports betting is a chance-based game, it is quite surprising that horse racing and betting on the sport falls under skill-based games! Seeing as many desi states opt to create their own gambling legislation, understanding how your home-state works with online gambling will mean that you’ll be able to enjoy gambling fully!

Why SevenJackpots? This was confirmed in 1996 in what is known as the Lakshmanan case. According to the Madras High Court, it takes skill to understand the performance of the horse and jockey, and horse racing is, therefore, a game of skill. Gambling laws in India are complex, and states amend their laws from time to time. No matter if they change due to a global pandemic or other reasons, we want you to know about it. This means that SevenJackpots is your one-stop-shop for everything related to online gambling law and how to keep playing online with stakes from India. Legal

The team here at SevenJackpots has years of iGaming experience, but we are not law practitioners. We believe that in an ever-changing legal landscape like India, it’s important that we stay on top of the gambling laws in the whole country. So how do you know which games fit the skill category and which fit the chance category? Well, we sincerely wish it was easier than it is!

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