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Chief among the specific preferences of Indian bettors is the currency option offered at a betting site. Sports fans residing in India prefer to frequent sites that allow them to bet in Indian Rupees (INR). Promoters of online betting across the world have begun to recognize this preference. Consequently, an increasing number of betting sites now allow betting in INR. Safety of data is a prime concern for Indian bettors, especially as they are not keen to advertise their betting habits. Fortunately, most international betting sites use state-of-the-art technology to ensure that Indian bettors can pursue their passion in a secure environment, comfortably aware that nobody can steal their data. || Cricket is nothing less than a religion in India. Any site that caters to Indian bettors must take special care to highlight betting markets related to cricket. This is especially true of a match in which the Indian cricket team is playing. It could be a test match, or an ODI or a T20 international. The IPL is extremely popular too and keeps Indian cricket fans abuzz for two to three months every year. Online betting in India is becoming increasingly popular among sports fans in the country. Bettors in most other countries have been indulging in online betting for about two decades but online bettors from India seem to be making up for lost time. However, Indian fans have certain preferences about online betting that are different from those of bettors in other countries, and international betting sites who seek a share of a huge and lucrative market are paying attention to these preferences.

While cricket remains the biggest pull factor for international bookmakers as far as their Indian users are concerned they are also increasingly covering several other sports that have become popular in India in the recent years. Indians are increasingly betting in games such as basketball, cycling and ice hockey which haven’t traditionally been popular in India. We at AmazingBet India offer the widest coverage of cricket played around the world from international games to the top T20 leagues and smaller domestic tournaments. Unlike the western world the penetration of Credit Cards in India is very low. This is the reasons leading betting sites are offering Indians several other deposit and withdrawal options. E wallets and virtual credit cards have become very popular among the Indians in the recent years. Most Indian bettors are using wallets like Neteller and Skrill to deposit and withdraw money from these betting platforms. The ability to bet in Indian Currency (INR) has changed the scene in the Indian betting market. In the past Indian bettors had to bet in international currency and keep track of the exchange rate. This was a big psychological obstacle for many bettors. Bookmakers were quick to realise and today almost all bookmakers with focus on the Indian market let Indians bet in Indian Rupee and this has led to millions of Indians entering the organized betting market. Today most betting sites that target the Indian bettors are allowing them to deposit and withdraw money in INR and not worry about the exchange rates. Up until few years ago sports betting in India were all in the shady world where illegal bookmakers controlled the multi-million dollar betting market. This was a roadblock for true sports fans. The entry of global bookmakers into the Indian market has changed that all. They have brought in an organized platform for betting that allows bettors to stake their money into legit websites instead of having to deal with a shady broker. Fans can keep track of sports betting odds online and bet on their favourite games. This has led to a major shift of bettors from the unorganized betting markets to legit platforms. The overall gambling market in India is valued at $150 billion and the popularity of online bookmakers has the potential to bring a huge chunk of it into the legit market. Most Indian bettors on sports are interested in betting on a few sports, such as cricket, football (soccer), tennis, and kabaddi. Many international sites that focus on a wide range of western sports have taken notice of this preference and now offer dedicated sites aimed at Indian sports fans. While these sites continue to offer numerous sports to bet on, they highlight the sports preferences of Indian fans on their home pages to make the betting experience more comfortable for Indian bettors. In sports other than cricket, individual players attract bettors. For instance, millions would follow the course of a tennis match featuring Federer or Nadal. Similarly, Messi and Ronaldo are football players with a legion of fans in India.

In-live betting is popular, as fans tend to watch matches together. During a live cricket match, Indian fans prefer to follow the proceedings from the toss onwards. Cricket fans pride themselves in being able to predict the outcome of every ball. They follow the fortunes of players and like to predict the possibility of a six hit or a wicket taken by a player. Therefore, the more markets there are, the better. Cricket is without doubt the most popular sport in India. Fans call it a religion and cricketing superstars are worshiped as demi-god in the country. Not surprising cricket is the most popular sport for bettors in India. Bookmakers offering online betting odds in India mostly focus on cricket. But over the last two decades India has moved from being a one-sport nation and other games have scaled up in terms of popularity. As Indians travel far and wide around the world and half a dozen sports channels broadcasting everything from major football leagues to golf and tennis betting on these sports has also increased in India. In-play betting is very popular in India especially when it comes to the game of cricket. There is a culture in India where fans watch the games together. During the annual IPL it is a common sight to see fans thronging the pubs in big cities to cheer for their team together. This is one trait that the bookmakers are cashing on. With Indian fans being very knowledgeable about the game they are increasingly taking to in-play betting.

While India has millions of people who can read and write English, many Indian sports fans are not too fluent in English and may not find it easy to navigate through a betting site. Recognizing this limitation among many Indian bettors, betting sites aimed at Indian bettors have gone the extra mile to make their sites easy to navigate by Indian bettors. The names of preferred sports, especially cricket, are displayed prominently so that the Indian bettor does not have to struggle to find the sport he wants to bet on. Some sites even offer bilingual options, allowing Indian bettors to choose between English and Hindi versions of their sites. If you are an Indian bettor looking for the latest sports betting odds at Amazingbet we shall bring to live betting odds from the leading bookmakers in the world. Apart from online betting odds we also bring to you analysis of various games and betting tips that will help you in maximizing your bets and earning handsomely. India is often seen as the next big story in the world. One of the biggest markets in the world and a sizable young population has got everybody’s attention towards that country. Like elsewhere in the developed world, Indians are slowly but surely taking to sports betting. The testimony to this is the numbers of online queries for sports betting odds which have risen exponentially in India. With a large section of the young population having high disposable incomes betting into sports has become one of the new found passions among Indian youth. At Amazingbet we wish to be part of this exciting journey for Indian youth and bring the latest online betting odds and predictions for different sports events from around the world.

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