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This real time information helps them place bets in a matter of minutes via an online sportsbook or using a betting app while on the move. If you are interested in making your first sports bet, do check out our list of featured sports betting operators that cover the Indian market. You will find the best sports betting sites on our featured list and you can be confident that you will find the best bonus offers, reliable payment methods and a great selection of sports to bet on. The best way to leverage free bets is to understand how they work and then use them to their advantage. Always take the time to read the terms and conditions that govern these free bets and pay special attention to the wagering requirements and max cashout stipulation. This is where BettingGuru comes in and makes a huge difference. Our team of experienced researchers have spent hundreds of hours, going through a long list of betting websites that accept Indian players. We have used strict criteria to measure, review and shortlist the best betting websites that you can bet on. This is why we advise our readers to not just signup at any sportsbook. BettingGuru is not a sports betting website. We only provide betting advice and a list of recommended sportsbooks that our readers can rely on and safely bet without getting themselves into any legal trouble.

Online gambling is legal in a few states in India and is banned in some states. However, the law with regard to online gambling and sports betting is grey in many areas and this is why a number of offshore betting operators and a few domestic operators offer their betting services throughout the country. Once you have logged into your sports betting account, you can then take a few minutes to browse the sportsbook and get familiarized with the site layout. Check the list of featured sports to see if the sports you like are available to wager on. India has such a massive population that it is very difficult for the authorities to crackdown and distinguish between reputed and established online sportsbooks and illegal and rogue sportsbooks. Players who end up creating an account with an unscrupulous sportsbook can get themselves into trouble. Alternatively, if Zimbabwe has odds of 10/1 against India being the underdogs and you decide to back Zimbabwe, you can win a lot more if Zimbabwe pulls off an upset win. So if you place 100 rupees on Zimbabwe and they win, you will get 100 rupees x 10 = 1000 rupees. So the total you will collect in this case would be 1,100 rupees (100 rupees that you bet plus 1000 rupees that you won.)

Manage your bankroll well. You can do this by making a decision as to how much you are willing to bet each day/week and month. Do not go over this stipulated amount. Cricket The online betting age in India requires bettors to be over the age of 18. Online betting is safe in India provided you are betting with an established and reputed sportsbook.

One way to do this is to speak to your family and get the help you need. A number of online betting operators also have responsible gambling measures that will enable you to set limits on your betting and control your betting activities. We suggest that you follow all of the above tips as this will help you bring balance to your sports betting. If you are not able to manage your bankroll properly, keep your emotions in check before placing your bets or start borrowing money to fund your betting activities, you should immediately seek help. However, keep in mind that the betting websites showing up at the top of your Google search may not always be the best betting websites in India or the right betting website for you. It will take you a lot of time to review, research and make a decision on which betting website is most suitable for your style of wagering. The top betting operators in the world tend to have their own dedicated mobile betting apps that can be downloaded from both the Android and Apple stores. These betting apps are free to download, easy to install and allows bettors the ability to place their online bets in seconds.

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