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Vadodara, India

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Educationist & Social Entreprenuer What is an organisation, if primarily not its people and their relationships? What is a movement if notconviction spreading from a few to wider masses? Oasis is no exception at all. It was, is and will always beabout people. We feel so grateful for having such a rich community world-wide, chipping in whatever andwhenever they could! And most beautiful is the spirit of friendship. Here is the marathon list……and touchwood, it will always be a work in progress! Ahmedabad, India

Take Action Rajkot, India Industrialist

Writer – Journalist IAS Surat, India Also, one of the most credible Publication Houses in Gujarat, with over 13 lakh publications sold and over 100 titles in non-fiction genre. Recent introductions have been Hindi, Marathi and Bengali titles.

Environment Activist Artist & Industrialist Writer – Political Analyst Financial Consultants

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