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Increase of the premium ceiling: previously, for the calculation of the statutory bonus, a salary ceiling of INR 3,500 per month was applied (so that the salary of an eligible employee exceeded INR 3,500 per month for calculation purposes). Of the statutory bonus, the bonus was calculated using a salary of INR 3,500 per month). This ceiling was increased to INR 7000 per month or the minimum wage for employment under the Minimum Wage Act 1948, whichever is greater. UPAT- UPES Planning Aptitude Test 2020 What is UPAT 2020? UPES Planning Aptitude Test 2020 an online entrance exam, commonly known as UPAT 2020 is considered as the gateway for admission to B-Plan (Bachelor of Planning) program offered by the University of Petroleum and Energ… The base salary is more than 7000 and also the minimum wage, so we consider a base of Rs7000 to calculate the bonus. ABOUT US Continental AG

Basic salary x 20% = premium p.m. All Courses Business Skills ☰

Posted on: 19th Nov 2019 Human Resources Skills Bocconi Entrance Test (BET) – 2020 What is BET 2020? Bocconi Entrance Test, commonly known as BET is a university level entrance for admission into International Master in Business (IMB) program offered by The University Bocconi, Mumbai. Bocconi Entrance Test is organiz…

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