How to get gambling licence in india

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In order to receive a license from Local Regulatory Authority, there strict guidelines to be followed. To apply for an Online Gambling License in India, you will need to incorporate your company in India. Then the India Gambling Licensing process will begin. To secure your online gambling license in India, our specialists will work closely with India authorities to comply with Due Diligence and KYC policies. € 159,800 € 813,050 Generally, obtaining a Online Gambling License is a complex process that involves a variety of due diligence requirements that need to be met. Most online gambling businesses and online casinos have some form of online gambling license. All legal online gambling business must be registered and be in compliance in at least one jurisdiction. Notarized Utility Bill Issued in the last 2 Months Accepted Players

North America € 120,890 Dominica Denmark

Anjouan (Comoros) Caribbean € 15,300 0% Up To Two Founders

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