How to bet online in india

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Top betting sites in India offer a range of options to deposit funds. The most common are bank transfers and credit/debit cards. There are also e-wallets such as Neteller and Skrill, the preferred options for Indian bettors. Banks/ card companies in India are aware of the legal situation and do not encourage online gambling. So, depositing funds through bank transfers or cards could be problematic. Many Indian bettors deposit funds into an e-wallet such as Neteller and from there to another wallet such as Skrill and in turn to their sportsbook accounts at betting sites. We recognize that cricket is akin to a religion in India. The ease of cricket betting in India is arguably the most important factor we must consider when we choose the best betting sites for Indian gamblers. An Indian bettor who logs on to bet online expects to see cricket betting highlighted on the home pages of online betting sites. Top betting sites make navigation as easy as possible. The bettor must not have to spend too much time searching for the tab that will allow him to look at cricket events/markets to bet on. While most betting sites in India are English-language sites, some top betting sites have begun to offer a version in Hindi, an Indian language that most Indians understand. In fact, in a large part of the country, often described as the “Hindi belt,” people are not very fluent in English and may struggle to navigate through a site that is offered in only the English language. So, we are convinced that betting in India would get a boost via a site with a Hindi version, making business sense for the promoter while enabling the Indian bettor to gamble with greater ease and comfort. Bettors in most other countries of the world have been visiting online betting sites for over two decades. However, online betting in India is a relatively recent phenomenon. In fact, online betting sites in India are likely to become legal soon, as analysts and experts are considering how legalizing betting – an activity that is already happening — could benefit the Indian government.

International betting sites that are aware of the legal implications operate from offshore destinations such as Malta to stay on the right side of the law while allowing Indian bettors an opportunity to bet on their favourite sports. To zero in on the best betting sites in India, we at Amazing.Bet India found the need to consider and answer various questions: ||

The betting process is standard at top betting sites. First, a bettor would need to open an account with the betting site of his choice. To register for the account, he would typically need to furnish personal details, such as his name, address, and email, in addition to a proof of identity/address. Once he opens the account, the bettor can deposit money and start betting by choosing the sport/event as well as the market(s) to bet on. He can use a betting slip on the site to keep track of his bets and winnings. Finally, the Indian bettor would be looking for safe betting sites that protect his data via appropriate encryption technology. Trusted betting sites are those that safeguard the privacy of Indian bettors while facilitating easy withdrawals. At Amazing.Bet India, we observe that the best online betting sites in India accept deposits in Indian rupees (INR). Being allowed to deposit money in INR would enable betting in India by freeing the Indian bettor from several hassles. For instance, Indian bettors would have trouble depositing money into a sports book of a gambling site in a foreign currency. Banks would not allow such deposits to be made either through bank transfers or via debit/credit cards. Even if they did, the bettor would lose on exchange rates and bank charges while depositing/withdrawing money. The best betting sites recognize the need to offer good returns on investment to Indian bettors and therefore offer competitive odds on betting events and markets. Therefore our verdict at Amazing.Bet India is that the more markets offered by betting sites in India, the better. Many international sites that have begun to target the Indian bettor realize the need to offer a virtually infinite number of betting markets for in-play betting.

In-play betting in India is becoming more and more popular. The whole country comes to a stand-still when the Indian team plays an international match. For instance, normally crowded streets are bereft of traffic when an India-Pakistan match is on. Fans watch matches together and analyse and discuss the twists and turns, as a match progresses. Every factor is discussed thread bare. For instance, will the Indian batsmen at the crease score fifties/hundreds? How many more runs will the partnership last? How many runs can we expect in the next over, given the asking rate? If the opposition team is batting, Indians will often discuss the possibility of a wicket in the next over, what bowling changes can be expected, and so on. Indian bettors can make withdrawals using the same modes used for depositing money. The transit time can vary in accordance with the chosen method. Important: Many sites do not allow withdrawals until the bettor provides all required documents. There are several international online betting sites that do not accept bets from residents of India. However, more and more online betting sites are waking up to the realization that with its vast population of about 1.3 billion, India is a lucrative betting market. To decide which are the best betting sites in India, we would consider only those sites that allow Indian bettors to wager.

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