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Honestly if you do the disconnect glitch then you don’t even need to know how to play. Just always bet 50k and go for the extra 50k no matter what hand you get because if you lose you’re going to be restarting anyways. In my honest opinion, this has been much more profitable than blackjack and has helped me reach 12 mill.

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I’ve been putting 50k on the 1/3 change for roulette then disconnecting if you lose. 100k profit every time you win it I looked at my Discord messages to my friends for times and it looks like I made 4 million from 3 card in around an 1hr and 40 minutes while it took about 4hrs for me to get to 3.6 million in blackjack. How do you guys disconnect? I cant open the menu to find a new session so just have to close the entire game and totally restart the game If you beat the dealer when then can’t play you’re still getting $45,000 just short of Blackjack that gives you $50K without double downing. If the dealer does play, then you get $100,000 on top of any pair plus bonuses. I’ve been doing the 50k bet and disconnect if you don’t win exploit. But I’ve been doing blackjack just because usually I win more, and whenever I play 3 card poker I do 50k ante, 5k pair plus, and then another 50k play bet. But then I have nothing and only win because the dealer didn’t have queen high. But I feel like it’s a waste of that $5k pair plus. Also I legitimately don’t win as much with 3 card poker. Should I switch over to doing 3 card poker full time? There’s some huge bonuses that can be made. Just like in this video. What do you guys think?

Online You have more patience then me, being stuck looking at the loading screen after ever hand kills me. Thanks for all the tips in the comments! I’ve started to try Balckjack and Three Card Poker with really small bets yesterday but these tips here are making me more confident! Just read the rules! It seems intimidating at first but you learn super quick! Practice with super low bets at the standard tables! f blackjack dealer got 4/5 20s almost in a row…… while was getting 8s and 12s then going up to 18 and having to stand. Don’t even know how to play

you match the ante if you think you will win Seriously, you win so much more often and you have potential for higher payouts than Blackjack! I actually learned today!

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