Gta 5 online casino poker glitch

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Did this get patched? (I know it’s unlikely based on the mechanics of it, but haven’t tested with new update)

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I sometimes wait a second when I do it because it’ll sometimes take a second to save when I sit down then I’ll put in my bets Play your hand no matter how bad it is. Which method!? Poker I presume? Any chance to explain the steps pls 😭 Finding New Glitches Starting from story to an invite-only session: Requirements: Set Spawn to Casino Penthouse or Last Location to in front of the Casino. As well as 150k+ in Casino Chips for efficent payout.

4a. If you WIN, leave the poker table immediately, and QUICKLY open your interaction menu and change your character’s outfit to a separate one. To anybody who is having trouble with losing their ante on this glitch, make sure to switch your outfit to save before you enter a table. This applies to the tables in your penthouse and at the tables in the casino. Yeah, I stick to the horse betting glitch and make 1-1,5 million per hour. 6. To bank your casino chips, go to the Casino counter nearby the Spin to Win. Then cash that lovely low effort moolah Glitch Abusers

Never cross posted before. I’m prepared to get slain Enter the Diamond Casino OR your personal penthouse w/dealer and poker table Its unbelievable they haven’t patched this! I’ve made like 50mil already

This will save your current amount of chips as indicated by the orange spiral that appears at the bottom right of your screen I used this alot but recently the game is saving my chips during the ante bet so when I lose it’s sometimes taking chips away. Not sure what to do now. I started gta back up for the first time in a while and made well over 1.5 million in one day Does this work for pc?

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