Gta 5 online casino poker glitch

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5. Repeat steps 2-4a if you have some godly rng and get them potato chips

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Starting from story to an invite-only session: Did this get patched? (I know it’s unlikely based on the mechanics of it, but haven’t tested with new update) 4a. If you WIN, leave the poker table immediately, and QUICKLY open your interaction menu and change your character’s outfit to a separate one. It should work. An issue i think that happens is that if you enter the casino and dont save before you enter the table. It will start saving after you bet instead. You have to do the manual save before you start betting . Correct me if im wrong but that should work Its unbelievable they haven’t patched this! I’ve made like 50mil already Does this work for pc?

Play your hand no matter how bad it is. Just tried it on my lunch break 10 minutes ago and it worked for me still. Never cross posted before. I’m prepared to get slain Enter the Diamond Casino OR your personal penthouse w/dealer and poker table

Sit at the 3 Card Poker table and bet the MAX amount for both Ante and Pair Plus bets Yeah this was happening to me too so when I’d spawn in I’d just wait until I got the text from Cheng Holdings. Once that text came then I’d start betting. Never saved on the Ante bet again for me. This will save your current amount of chips as indicated by the orange spiral that appears at the bottom right of your screen is there a specific horse number you stick to for the most eficient results?

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