Gta 5 online casino poker glitch

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This is a known glitch, and still works. It may be harder to do, but like the Bogdan glitch, I don’t think they can patch this unless they make the game somehow save faster. R* are not very good at making their game faster.

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Edit: must have been stoned or something because I’m doing it right now…. What a legend, that’s awesome! My buddy did this thinking every time you switch outfits you automatically win. Turns out he’s just super lucky and won like 30 times in a row lol

That sounds great, black jack works I’m just horrible at it! I always bust Glad it’s working good for you!! Tried various methods (network adapter disable, cable pulling, process suspending, process ending) as well as various timings (before the flip, during the loss, after the loss, before the next hand, after standing up) and even public/solo/invite only lobbies and I always lose the chips. Finding New Glitches

Ok honestly yes bogdan and other heist glitches are great if you have people to do them with but the poker glitch is by far the easiest and best SOLO money maker. I have made over 200R$ from just betting since the drop of the dlc. No risk of ban since there is no duping. You just either save and play or dont save and quit. Bad game mechanic not our fault auto save fails 😜😛😜😂😂😂😂 Holy shit, how did I just realize this?! I’ve been using the same method to win the podium vehicles but I never thought about trying it with poker. This is the best money “glitch” I’ve seen since the horse betting glitch. Thanks OP, I’ve already made almost half a million and I literally just started. Anyone have tips for this on PC? Whenever I reload into online I end up losing the chips anyway. Even if I close before betting again to play my cards.

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