Gta 5 online casino poker glitch

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I’ll X2 that.

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My buddy did this thinking every time you switch outfits you automatically win. Turns out he’s just super lucky and won like 30 times in a row lol What a legend, that’s awesome! That sounds great, black jack works I’m just horrible at it! I always bust Glitch Abusers All chips should still be yours. Only do as a backup if all the main glitches are patched at the moment. Here is a tutorial link. Super simple glitch that has been working for ages. Tested and proven today.

I forgot to mention that! Thank you!!! Edit: must have been stoned or something because I’m doing it right now…. How much money does this make? Seems like a lot of loading After spending about 3-4 hours doing this it makes a pretty good chunk of money, the only problem is sometimes you’ll be very unlucky. However if the odds are in your favor and the dealer plays into you when you have a straight flush it’s a 700k hand Same thing just happened to me.from 10k to 600k in 3 min

If lose close app asap and reload. If you cut your internet in the network settings right after you lose it’ll kick you back to story mode and I load into a invite only session after it’s a lot faster. Also I make sure not to turn internet back on until I’m back in story though. You can do this with the wheel as well (edit):or go to YouTube app If you win leave table and change outfit ( forced game save ) Anyone have tips for this on PC? Whenever I reload into online I end up losing the chips anyway. Even if I close before betting again to play my cards.

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