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Online Can you please explain the Q/6/4 part I have looked at the linked website but I still do not understand Don’t make the pair plus bets. Sure. Basically that particular hand and higher value hands are more likely to beat the dealer’s hand than to loose to it. Hey I got a question. I put out 50 chips and 50 after that, but on the last one I put out 10. So when I won I only won 20 chips total What’s a solid ante amount to place?

If you are interested in the math behind click here. The edge the casino gets on players that bet on the pair plus hands isn’t that huge; a bit less than one percent. It is still an advantage for the casino however and the point of this basic strategy is to minimise the casino’s edge. Therefore it is advised to not put down pair plus bets. I get the hand thing, but Google couldn’t help me out with one thing.

Why only ante bet and no pair plus bet? In The Clouds

2.5% of your stack is a good sustainable bet. So when you call you are betting 5% of your stack. It is kind of the sweet middle spot statistically speaking; Meaning that lower value hands should be folded and Q/6/4 and higher value hands should be called to maximise profit. What determines when say a diamond is lower than a spade? or something like that?…

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