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Indian games are: As some of you may expect, there is a Casino Pride Goa entry fee. This is common for all casinos in Goa. For comparison, Casino Palms and Casino Paradise require INR 1.000 as an entry fee. However, this fee is basically an entry ticket and nothing more. Casino Pride is slightly different in this case scenario. Casino Pride dress code Casino Pride packages come in 3 variations. All of them are designed for 2-3 people and valid for 2 days. The first one is the silver package. This package costs you INR 19000 and offers you accommodation in Hotel La Capitol or Park Prime. Casino Pride Group owns and operates several casinos such as Casino Pride 1 and 2, Casino Palms and Casino Paradise. The Casino Pride is responsible for obtaining Indian Travel Awards for being the best casino in the country! We can only add that in the near future many more awards will be accredited to this massive owner.

The second hotel which is commonly linked to Casino Pride is the La Calypso. It is located on the shore close to the actual casino and it features shafts that are stunning. The place is known as an oasis and has been visited by travellers from all over the globe in recent years. It is another casino we like and wish to recommend staying here. Casino Pride has different entry fees according to the day of a week. For example, entry fee between Monday and Thursday is INR 1500. But, you get INR 500 one time coupon to use on the games. The entry fee between Friday and Sunday is INR 2000 and it also includes INR 500 one time coupon. All the games are known for professional design, they offer above the average odds and they are available through the week for all of you. Keep in mind that the games are available in both Casino Pride casinos (1 and 2). Dealers are professional and they will help you have an even better time playing. We can also add that the games are available through the year and always ready to accept your bet. Pick a game that is suitable for you and your playing style and you are ready to start. You will definitely have a lot of fun. If you are from Europe, the United States or other countries except for India, we recommend you try the Indian games. They are not something you can play anywhere else except here and you will see why after the first bet.

In Casino Pride, you can enjoy all the perks with casual dressing, thanks to a relaxed Casino Pride dress code. Almost everything is allowed except sleeveless T-Shirts and shorts and flip floss. T-Shirts with long sleeves and conventional pants are allowed. The same applies to shoes, sneakers, and boots. All you need to know before visiting Casino Pride is this remarkable place is one of the most desirable establishments of this kind in Goa and probably the rest of the world. Casino Pride Packages

Casino Pride Hotel Goa Casino pride consists of two separate casinos, 1 and 2. You can visit both of them and play the games you like. The best thing is the fact the casino is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. As you would expect Casino Pride games offer plenty of entertainment. However, they are divided between international and Indian games. The complete list of games awaits you below. International games are:

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