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Many online gambling sites offers welcome bonuses for new players. The exact amount of the bonus can vary a lot between different gambling sites which is why the team at Casino 100 compare and find the best welcome bonuses for you. The bonuses can often be used as money to gamble with. Our comparisons and information about different online gambling sites and their offered welcome bonuses are constantly updated so you can always trust that our website will provide you with the latest information.

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Online lotteries work in the same way as physical lottery shops. Lottery is a form of gambling where a certain amount of numbers are drawn at random. when entering the lottery you choose a row of numbers and if all or some of your chosen numbers are drawn you will win money. How much money you win depends on how many of the drawn numbers your chosen numbers match with, but it also varies between different lottery websites. Some offer a set prize amount, whilst others offer a 50-50 prize. A 50-50 prize means that the prize will amount to fifty percent of the revenue, meaning that the number of participants decide how high the prize will be. When we review online lotteries we look many factors, for instance at how user friendly different online lotteries are and how much you can win by entering them. Our website offers an easy to follow and user friendly comparison between different gambling sites. Our ranking of the gambling sites as well as the information about them are constantly updated. Thanks to that, you can always trust that the rating and ranking of online gambling sites on Casino 100 is up to date. We provide information about not online gambling sites, but also betting websites, online casinos and online lotteries. When it comes to betting, it is usually a quite spontaneous choice to place a bet on a certain sports team. With that in mind, it is important that when you transfer money from your bank account or PayPal that it an efficient process so you can place bets within a few hours. Many online betting sites also offer a few different deposit methods, so you can transfer money and place your bets more easily and in an efficient way. Because we are experts when it comes to online betting and gambling, we have of course thought of this and that is why you can find information about deposit methods and the estimated time it will take for your money to be available for you to use for bets in our reviews and comparisons of different online betting sites. According to our tests, player satisfaction and reviews these are the top 10 casinos, betting & poker brands that you definitly should check out. They’re ordered in the way we rank them. If you’d like to see the best ones available please see our casino, betting or pokersite rankings – we have them all listed below.

When betting online, you are often presented with a range of different payment methods. Many betting sites online allows you to pay . Casino 100 reads through the long and sometimes complicated terms and conditions and small print of every online betting and gambling site featured on our website. We then present you with the most relevant and important information so you get all the information necessary before you choose where to place your bets. Gambling online should only be for entertainment and there is always a risk that you will loose. Remember to gamble responsibly. If you got gambling related problems there is help to get at GamblersAnonymous. What kind of payment methods you can choose between varies from one gambling site to another. No matter if you want to pay with your VISA card, through PayPal or using bitcoins, there are options for you. Many online gambling sites offers multiple payment methods for your convenience. Whether you want to pay by card or through PayPal is a matter of personal reference. Casino 100 will help you find a gambling site that offers your preferred payment method, so you can rest assured knowing you will get the best experience once you are gambling. Many international gambling websites are aware of the laws in India and as a way of making it easier for Indian players to use their websites for gambling they offer payments in rupees. As previously mentioned, it is legal for indian players to use foreign gambling sites. Please note that the Brands listed on Casino100, is not Indian brands but offer their services to Indian players. The information on this websites is meant for guidance for Indian visitors. Third parties may without notice change or remove current bonuses/offers and Casino100 cant be held responsible for faulty information caused by this. The offers is only valid for residents of India. Remember to read the terms & conditions BEFORE claiming any offers or bonuses.

Aside from showing you the top ranked online gambling sites, lotteries and betting sites, we also want to provide you with the information needed to be able to compare gambling websites online on your own. Apart from teaching you how to compare different gambling sites online, we also regularly post articles about gambling. Read our articles for useful information and tips on how to gamble online. We present you with the right tools and terms to be as successful as possible while also teaching you relevant terms and gambling lingo. Casino 100 wants you to have a great experience when using online gambling sites, and we do our best to help you with that. Betting entails predicting a certain outcome of a sports game or event. By betting on a team or a player you have the chance to win money if your prediction match with the end result of the game or sports event. Betting in India is mostly focused around betting on horse racing. You bet on a certain horse and if you bet wisely and correctly you will win a certain amount of money. You can also bet on other sports such as cricket or hockey. The betting site is also referred to as the bookmaker. The betting site, or bookmaker, collects all the bets and once the game or race is over and the winner is announced you win money if you predicted the correct outcome of the game. Casino 100 provide you with a guide to the top online lotteries in India. We frequently compare different online lotteries and keep an eye on them in case of any changes or new offers. All to ensure that we can always present you with the best offers and the latest information. Our reviews are thorough and always a hundred percent unbiased because you are our top-priority. We want to help you have a fun and as successful online gaming and gambling experience as possible, and that is why we put in all the hard work required to keep our comparisons and reviews up to date and relevant. There are many betting sites online which can make the process of picking one quite hard. On Casino 100 you can find information about as well as reviews of betting sites which will make the process of choosing one a lot easier. All the betting sites listed on Casino 100 are legitimate and safe to use. Because when it comes to betting using your real money, it is very important that everything is safe so you do not have to worry and can fully focus on the gambling.

All bonuses are here!

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