Games that give real money

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Best budget strategy Cash out limit: £20 You may have heard of Publishers Clearing House as those people that rock up at your doorstep with massive checks, but they also have an app where you can play games as a way to enter contests.

It’s very straightforward to see which of these are on offer at any given time, as they’re highlighted in the Drop app as soon as you enter the Games section. Referral bonus: 5% of your friends’ earnings for life As mentioned at the start, while you can actually be paid to your PayPal with games that pay real money, it’s good to keep in mind that you won’t earn thousands of dollars from these apps. And while some do let you earn PayPal money instantly, if you actually need money desperately, there are better ways to earn higher amounts. Popular side hustles The main benefits of MyPoints come from when you use it to get cash back on your online shopping. But you can also combine this with getting paid to play PayPal games for real money, helping you to earn those extra dollars even faster.

That said, these games do pay practically instantly to PayPal, with payments being received within 48 hours of redeeming – when you actually reach the minimum cash out amount. Also, you can speed up the process of reaching the minimum cashout amount by also playing games through the app. Simply navigate to the section in the app listing all of the games on offer and take your pick.

Long Game is interesting in that it links saving money to playing games. Referral bonus: $2 per referral The reason why we’d suggest focusing on these apps is partly because they offer a bunch of other ways for you to make money. This means that, if you get sick of playing games before reaching the cash out limit, you have other options to keep earning money. Related: 24 Best Part Time Online Jobs to Make Money From Home Want to make $50 from your phone…by not doing anything extra?

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