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Arbitration Amidst Covid-19 There has been a substantial discussion by the Supreme Court and High Court on what constitutes a ‘game of skill’ and a ‘game of chance’. What is deduced from the judgments is that a game where there is preponderance of skill over chance is a ‘game of skill’ and vice-versa. Game of skills, if played with stakes does not amount to gambling; ABOUT THE AUTHOR

Bid adieu to the mainstream legal career options International Anti Corruption Day By taking the above ratio into account, SC in the matter of State of AP v. K.Satyanarayana(1968) held the game of Rummy to be a ‘game of skill’. However, the Court in its judgment has indicated that if there is gambling or if the gambling house is making profit from the game of rummy, then it could amount to an offense under the laws of AP. It was further observed by SC that the three card game which goes under different names such as flush, brag, etc. is a game of pure chance. This was relied upon by SC in its other judgments viz. M.J.Sivani v. State of Karnataka (1995) and Dr. K.R. Lakshmanan vs State Of Tamil Nadu And Anr (1996).

Game of Skill v. Game of Chance: In this article we are going to discuss some frequently asked questions like, Is online gambling legal in India, Is color prediction game legal in India ? Let’s discuss about the same, Rent Assurance Agreement | Download Free Templates Delhi District Court: Gaussian Network Pvt. Ltd. Vs. Monica Lakhanpal The issue whether Poker is a ‘game of skill’ or a ‘game of chance’ was never discussed in detail by any Court in India until the recent decision/order dated December 4, 2017 passed by Gujrat High Court in Dominance Games Pvt. Ltd. V. State of Gujarat, wherein, the said issue was extensively pondered upon. The Court in its said decision held that Poker is a ‘game of chance’ and therefore amounts to gambling under Gujarat Prevention of Gambling Act, 1887. While arriving at the aforesaid decision, the Court inter alia observed the following:

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