Gambling in ancient india

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The 29 States and 7 Union territories that the country is divided into have all been handed the authority and discretion to decide for themselves whether to legalize gambling or not.

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RESPONSIBLE BETTING/GAMBLING . Ethical abd responsible marketing There was a huge demand for gambling and the law enforcement had no pragmatic way of apprehending, controlling or enforcing the restriction given the sheer population of the nation. Every state has different a legislative council and the state government has the freedom to draft laws on different subjects. In India, most of the state does not entertain gambling, but they still allow some forms if it such as horse-riding where betting and all goes on. Responsible betting refers both to players and gambling organizations. On one hand, players should be aware of the dangers of gambling addiction and play responsibly on other hand gaming organizations should offer fair gamess in a safe gaming environment, taking special care of issues like

The rule basically say s that it is illegal to run a gambling house. or any person cant hold a gambling house. If any person is found violating the norms, he or she is subjected to pay a fine of Rs 200 and/ or imprisonment for a period of up to 3 months. The rule also includes an added sub-clause which essentially mentions the penalties applicable for any person who visits such illegal gambling houses. . Money laundering activities European Influence and Law The party soon came to an abrupt ending when the British took over the country and outlawed gambling in all its forms in the year 1867 The Gambling Act. The restriction, however, was only on paper, the restriction did not last long and could not stop people from indulging in the gambling activity, it, in fact, became more and more user-centric, and they used it in alleys, streets, at residential places and village gatherings.

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