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Servers that host the website and all the data have to be physically present on the territory of India with the minimum requirement being that you host your client database on that server. This is something we can help you with and have reliable and resilient solutions for your needs. During the checkout you can select the number of founders to India gambling company. When starting a India Online Gambling Business, first of all it’s important to think about one of the most essential procedures, that is company registration and acquisition of license. India Gambling License gives many excellent opportunities to each licensee and makes their business profitable. In order to receive a license from Local Regulatory Authority, there strict guidelines to be followed. To apply for an Online Gambling License in India, you will need to incorporate your company in India. Then the India Gambling Licensing process will begin. To secure your online gambling license in India, our specialists will work closely with India authorities to comply with Due Diligence and KYC policies. 0% Details

Curriculum Vitae The gambling law in effect in this part of India is called Goa, Daman and Diu Public Gambling Act of 1976. Goa has about 15 different operational casinos. Nine of these operational casinos are on shore and six of them are riverboat casinos which float across the Mandovi River.

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