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This law is well over a hundred years older than the Internet, so there is a lot of debate about whether it applies to online games or not.

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This update is quite refreshing and fascinating, as all of this will one day be completely legal. Although question of the legality if betting with an international bookmaker from India is not clear enough which still draws back to the fact that India law on online gambling is not straightforward. Although bookmakers are illegal in India, there is no specific law in India that prohibits an individual customer from placing a bet online with a bookmaker based outside of India, “the website clarify. First, there is the 1857 Public Gambling Act, which prohibits the possession or operation of a public gambling machine. However, there is no comment on online casinos or the internet platform for gambling. Another form of gambling that is not so strictly prohibited in India is the lottery. This makes all the less sense since lotteries are the ultimate no-skill games of chance. However, the Lottery Act of 1998 was passed to regulate the operation of lotteries. States are also empowered to regulate gambling to some extent. Two states, Goa and Sikkim, have licensed a limited number of stationary casinos. Other states prohibit most forms of playing, betting, and poker. The only national exception is horse racing, which according to the Supreme Court in 1996 was a game of skill.

The question: is online gambling legal in India? This question continues to spark debate, but seems to be moving closer to the resolution. However even if online gambling is illegal in India, it can be difficult to catch online gamblers in India especially if the websites are hosted by servers that are located in countries where betting is legal. Because Law enforcement becomes difficult when the servers are abroad. On March 4, 2009, the government of Sikkim (Ministry of Finance, Revenue and Expenditure) published a memorandum called Sikkim Online Gaming (Regulation) Rules, 2009. It describes the rules and regulations for online gaming licenses in this state. The government has used this power to request Internet service providers to prevent Indians from accessing certain foreign betting and gaming sites. At state level, two states have passed laws specifically related to online gambling. This is completely banned in Maharashtra, while in Sikkim the government is now authorized to license operators who want to offer online gambling services in the state. This is a remarkable advance for regulated gambling in India.

The 1867 Public Gambling Act made it illegal to operate a gambling house. The law describes a gambling house as “a house, an enclosed enclosure, a room, or a place where play of cards, dice, chips, money, or other gaming instruments.” for gaming purposes, whether for money, betting or otherwise. The punishment for being caught in the act is up to a month in prison. Can online gambling be viewed as a message that can cause insult, injury, or bad will? Does it fall under the weird vague? We do not know it. So far, there is no news or story that anyone who has gambled or bet online face any kind of the above stated quote. However, if an Indian-based player chooses to place bets on a website that is hosted outside the country, it is difficult to find them guilty of online gambling if the laws of the country in which the website is hosted to allow online gambling. The authorities are aware of the huge introduction of gambling across the country. The Law Commission of India (LCI) has pleaded with the government to legalize online gambling, Casino and all form of betting in a meeting done in July 2018. The 1955 Prize Competition Act appears to target a specific type of game, but has been designed to apply to all game types in which a prize is awarded. In short, the law prohibits contests in which prices exceed one thousand rupees a month.

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