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Just me or anyone else, anytime there is a bonus or free money any game you try to play just rakes alllllll that money back.

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I like all the originals i never played slots my fav are dice limbo and mines many peole will say why not plaino but I don’t like that dice and mine are my love if I want to be risky then I go for limbo higher multiplier © 2021 Stake. All Rights Reserved. Powered by Invision Community an extract from my book for those who are interested. When will the madness end? 😂 Stake tweets about some sports or sponsor deal. And sometimes a big win.. The replies is 99% “Give monthly! ” 🤣 I fnd this hillarious! 😆 The followers is NOT happy.. 😂 But it`s very entertaining. Whic game is more that paying money Do you guys have a solid dice wager tactic??

Is anyone always “lucky” with a particular slot? Mine is Gates of Olympus but its boring after some hours What game is fun to play? Was being a degen and decided to drop some $200 balls, thanks stake ❤️❤️ ? How can i make money on stake? ueajueaj

Have a nice day So many post been made , many issues been heard , rants, complain ,successful stories in chat /forum and different stakers group. But the root of all these topics are from “deposit ” been “ripped ” or becomes ” big wins ” . Can you show us the biggest deposit you’ve ever made on these site ? Mine is here ⬇️ As a Plat 3 VIP, i can`t complain. I get my reloads, bonuses and i have a great host. But VIP means you are part of something special. Bronze or Diamond.. still a VIP. Has this gotten out of hand at stake? The official Stake Telegram channel has 23k subs. Fair enough. But the Stake VIP channel has 54k!! subs. Witch means that there is more than 54 000 VIP`s on Was the bar set to low to become a VIP in the first place? Or is it that the amount of new players have increased alot in a short time period? And where does this end? Something have to give at one point? Sometimes people think I’m a female and I’m sad about it , so I’m proving that I’m male just for @grunsher he called me out My smile in that picture is for grunsher, I hope I’m not too much of a neckbeard. you guys can share your beautiful faces in here aswell note: it’s just a funny post , so calm down How you gotten a max win? if yes, on which slot, and what was ur bet – total payout? the slots are never paying this times. What are you guys think? Hey friends, buddies and my families 🤗here’s a simple question for us to enjoy… 1. What’s your favorite game at @stake community? Mine is scarabs but I love dice so I ripped it all when I’m at dice 🤭😂 2. What’s is the most rigged game for you? Maybe Dice and keno😂🤭only for today 😂 might be tomorrow will be juicing 👌👍 3. Who will you chose your lover or play at stake all day 😂? Well 😂😂 probably I’ll play stake all day ,why stake is life 👍👌lover will follow after play 😂😂🤭 4. Do you like Diamonds? Yes yes I do ,I got already x50 at diamond,love the color it’s so nice 👍💚 How about you my buddies and friends will you also share yours? …

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    सभी व्यक्तिगत संदेश आज ही भेजें?

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