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A modern obstetrician-gynecologist must have a completed higher medical education, know the peculiarities of the course of physiological and pathological processes in the female body, which are associated with conception and pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum activities, diseases of the fetus and infant.

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“A casino with many years of practice, experience of internship abroad or in a good hospital, as well as one who has a good reputation among staff and former women in childbirth should be credible.” Newsletter The obstetrician profession is one of the oldest medical professions.

The meaning of a person’s stay on Earth is to leave life behind. Children give each of us a real meaning of existence. The birth of a child is a great sacrament known to a few. One of these units is an obstetrician-gynecologist. An obstetrician is a medical specialist who specializes in providing basic and urgent medical care for women and newborns during labor and the postpartum period. And here the already mentioned reviews about obstetricians play a big role. Quick links

The profession of an obstetrician can be obtained by graduating from medical school or college. But after three years of training, despite the fact that future specialists undergo preclinical (theoretical) and clinicalFirst-stage obstetricians are obtained, that is, those who help obstetricians-gynecologists to take delivery. In order to obtain a higher qualification and have the right to engage in family planning, treatment of infertility and other pathologies, accompany pregnancy and deliver childbirth, one should graduate from a higher medical institution, undergo an internship. Have the required special medical education. If the profession of an obstetrician consists in assisting a doctor in the process of childbirth, there is no need for a higher medical education, a diploma of secondary specialized education will be quite enough. This is now the first assistant of a woman in labor is called an obstetrician, and before that there was no such thing at all. In Kievan Rus, a woman who took delivery was called a midwife or midwife.

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