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For sports fans Below, you will find the poker guidelines at the Grand Casino Bern as applied in our house rules. General Guests are not permitted to show other guests their cards, even if those persons are no longer playing. Players cannot have another player or the croupier act for them. A player who leaves the table without comment is assumed to have folded their cards when their turn comes. All players must wait for their turn. All cards of a player must be visible at all times. Where possible, only German should be spoken at the table. Depending on the situation, a warning will be issued for violations of these rules. When the third warning is issued, the guest must leave the poker table. All cases not mentioned above will be determined by the gaming shift manager in accordance with the applicable processes of the Grand Casino Kursaal Bern AG. Any such decisions are final. Placing stakes A player’s announcements are binding. For example, if a player announces a raise, they must pay the amount as announced. If they only say the word “Raise!”, they must pay at least a minimum raise, regardless of the situation. If an action is carried out outside of a turn (i.e. too early), it will be deemed binding insofar as the stake(s) placed by the missed-out player(s) is/are not higher than the stake declared too early. If a stake is placed that exceeds that which was placed too early, then the player may withdraw their stake that was placed too early and rethink their action. If a player calls with an insufficient stake (i.e. without announcing such) as a result of not noticing a raise, they may withdraw their stake as long as no following player has called the raised stake. Otherwise, the player must meet the raised stake (i.e. raising again is not permitted) or surrender all claims to their stake and the pot. Single chip (unannounced) 1. If stakes by other players have already been placed before him or her, this is regarded as a call. 2. If no stakes were placed by other players before him or her, this is regarded as a bet. 3. If a stake has been placed before the player, the entire sum is regarded as a raise, unless another player has already raised. Then this is regarded as a call. Straddle A straddle is a player bet following the big blind (under the gun), made without looking at the dealt cards. This bet is double the value of the big blind. A straddle entitles the player to act last before the flop. A straddle must be placed before the cards are dealt. Missed blind A missed blind button is issued for each missed blind. When such a button is issued for the third time, the place at the table must be vacated. If, for any reason, one or both blinds are missed, the player has two options: ● If the player has missed both blinds, they must pay both blinds, with the big blind remaining as the bet and the small blind (dead blind) going to the pot. ● If the player has just missed the small blind, they must pay the small blind (dead blind) upon resuming play. The player cannot resume play until they are in the big blind position again. If, as a result of changing places, a player moves more than three places (occupied by active players) clockwise from the button, both blinds must be paid, with the big blind remaining as the bet and the small blind going to the pot. Alternatively, the player can wait until the big blind position comes round again. Blinds cannot be paid on behalf of absent players. Thrills all round are guaranteed when you play against the croupier. © 2020 Grand Casino Bern

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