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Our do and don’t tips are pretty straight forward, but we figured it might still be worth explaining:

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We’re protecting this website with the Services of McAfee Secure. They scan this website on a daily basis for possible vulnerabilities. Whether it’s because you noticed unauthorized payments on your card, or you have another issue with money used in relation to online gambling, we hope to shed some light on how you can claim money back from online casinos. Below you can find more information on the appropriate ways to request your funds back depending on the reason behind it. Written on February 9, 2018.

Unfortunately it happens to more people than we think. You decide to check your recent transactions, or suddenly realize that your balance has dropped significantly without purchasing anything, and you find some payments that you definitely did not make. Someone else has access to your card details. In some cases it might be someone you know, but regardless of whether its a stranger or not – you will want to cut them off. What do you do in this scenario? First and foremost you need to get in touch with your bank. They will be able to block your card so that no further transactions can be made with it. You will then be able to request chargebacks for the unauthorized payments, and most likely will succeed. Take signs of problem gambling serious. We do advice the following website(s) to seek help immediately: Online Gambling is Strictly 18+ / 21+ – Depending on your jurisdiction. Please leave this website if you don’t have the legal age for online gambling.

The casinos below hit all the check boxes when it comes to responsible gambling. They’re fully licensed and offer you the possibility to set your limits and play worry free: One of the biggest reasons people want to claim money back from online casinos, is simply because they lost more money than intended, resulting in regret and a much lower account balance. In most cases there is simply nothing to be done about this. If you did authorize the payment it’s probably a lost cause. The only exception here could be if you have informed the casino in the past that you wish to completely self-exclude yourself, in which case you shouldn’t be able to play at this casino anymore. Should you still have managed to play and deposit after receiving the confirmation you have been excluded – you might have yourself a case. Keep in mind that the self-exclusion has a limited time frame and this will expire one day. Also, if you managed to register a new account with a completely different set of details, the casino can not be held accountable for this. This is not a real money gambling website. If you decide to play with one of the online casinos listed, please play responsible with a casino regulated in the jurisdiction you’re residing.

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