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Case 5 (15,000.00) Now ABC Ltd issues bonus shares in the ratio of 1:1 (i.e 1 bonus share for every 1 share held). Hence Mr X will get additional 100 shares as bonus share.

Any profit or loss arising on sale and purchase of shares / securities falls under the head “Capital Gain” (Except Business Income for those who are involved in to the business of sale and purchase of shares) Sale consideration for 100 shares will be Rs 25,000 (i.e sale price X number of shares) and there will be Short term Capital Loss of Rs 15,000 which can be set off against other Long as well as short term capital Gain. 100.00 I prched biocon share dtd-18. 10.04;24.08.07;8.10.08 eachnos. 25/total-75.bonus rec. 50/20.9.08second bonus 250/27.6.17 & third bonus 375/13.06.19 I sold alll share on 4.2.21 how can calculate LTCG pls sudjest me. Thanks 300.00 good

What is the cost of bonus shares in the following case Shares held as on 31-01-2018 is 100 shares. Cost per share Rs 3200. Bonus shares received during Nov 2018 is 75 shares. Quoting relevant provisions of IT Act, Rules, Circulars, QAs from CBDT will be more helpful, 100.00 Say price before bonus issue was Rs 500 per share and immediately after bonus issue price became Rs 250 (i.e half of Rs 500). Now if Mr X sold 100 shares then for the purpose of determining cost of acquisition FIFO method will be applied and the cost for first 100 shares will become Rs 40,000 and cost of remaining 100 bonus shares will be Nil. 1:1 100.00

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