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The prime difference between a bonus issue and a stock split is that in a bonus issue, the company issues new shares in the market whereas in-stock split, the existing shares are split.

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NCL Research & Financial Services has announced a 1:1 bonus issue on 31st Aug, i.e. one bonus share for each share that an investor holds in the company. Think of it this way: You earlier had 1 share at a total value of Rs 60 and now you have 3 shares (in case of a 2:1 issue) each priced at Rs 20, giving a total value of Rs 60. In the next one week, there are four companies are going to issue bonus shares or go for a stock split shares. Also Read: Difference Between Bonus Issue and Stock Split Indo Us Bio-Tech has announced a 1:5 bonus issue i.e. for every 5 shares that an investor holds in the company, the investor will receive one bonus share.

However, the share price per share is reduced in similar proportions and the total value of investment remains the same. The ex-date is 3rd December, 2021 and record date is 6th December, 2021. Home » Blog » Markets » List of Companies Issuing Bonus Shares/Stock Split in October 2021

Mutual fund investments are subject to market risks. Please read the scheme information and other related documents carefully before investing. Check out more about the company here: NCL Research & Financial Services Note: This article is only for educational and informational purposes. Investors are advised to invest in stocks after thorough research and based on their investment goals. But, the value of each share will now be Rs. 20. Hence, the total value remains the same – Rs 100. Like in the case of bonus issues, this move is also taken to encourage retail participation.

When a company undertakes a stock split, that’s what literally happens! The company has also announced a Stock Split From Rs.2/- to Rs.1/- Listed companies take various actions depending on the requirements or consensus of their shareholders or to achieve some other objectives.

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