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Bonus Shares are shares issued by a company to its current shareholders as fully paid shares FREE of charge. A bonus issue is usually based upon the number of shares that shareholder already owns. All Rights Reserved. © 2021 | SITEMAP Share Market Geek For Example, If a company announces a 1:5 Bonus Share Issue, So Five free shares will be given for each share held by a shareholder.

A Community for Investors and daytraders where we post Stock Market Basics, IPO Details, Latest GMP, Corporate Actions, Financial Results etc. Bonus Issue increases the number of outstanding shares & decreases the stock price, making the stock price look more affordable for retail investors. The retailer or small investors can easily afford to buy stocks of low prices. So, there is also a probability that the stock price may go up as more investors may rush to buy stocks at lower rates. If you are eligible for Bonus shares, it usually takes 10-15 days from the record date for them to be credited to your DEMAT account. When your bonus shares are credited to your DEMAT, CDSL will send you an SMS. All the shareholders holding a company’s shares on the record date are eligible to get a bonus declared by the company. Shares that are bought at least 1 day before the ex-date are the ones eligible for receiving the Bonus Shares announced by a company.

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