Bonus percentage in india

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Bonus Calculation Excel sheet: Bonus calculation excel sheet will be like in below image.

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If an employee basic salary + DA is less than 7000 Rs then the original basic + DA will be considered for bonus calculation. For an example, if an employee basic +DA is 5500 Rs then 5500 Rs will be considered for bonus calculations. However, some organizations will pay more than this limit, when it is more then there is no problem Bonus Calculation in India with example Any employees whose monthly salary is less than 21000 Rs and when he or she works for at least 30 days in a financial year will be eligible to get the bonus under bonus act 1965. Yes you are right because in Himachal Pradesh minimum Wages is 8250/- p.m. then we will calculate this with 8250 per month. Bonus is applicable for below 21000 remember not less than minimum wages as per act 12000 basic plus da then basic 8250*12*8.33% or minum wages is a Big point not less than minimum wages Read : Gratuity Calculation In India

Bonus Act Applicability: Payment of bonus act 1965 will be applicable to entire India where an organization employs a minimum of 10 employees with aid of power and organizations which employs a minimum of 20 employees without the aid of power. Here you can know complete details about bonus act 1965 and bonus calculation process. Responsive Ad 2 (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); DEAR SIR, The above calculation for bonus is not correct as 7000 Rs is mentioned as ceiling for bonus calculation.But act Rs 7000 or minimum wages for the schedule employment decided by appropriate govt. which ever is higher .So we cant take 7000 Rs for calculating bonus for all the state .it will vary from state to state. A minimum of 8.33% of the bonus is mandatory that every employer has to give it to their employees and the maximum percentage in 20%.

↓ Download Bonus Calculation Excel Sheet Bonus will be calculated on basic salary + Dearness Allowances (DA) of employees. Other house rent allowances and incentives are not included in bonus calculation. Comment Earlier the minimum wage limit to get the bonus is 10000 Rs but as per the amendments made in the payment of bonus act 2015 bill the wage, the limit is increased to 21000 Rs. So as per the latest amendments, the minimum wage ceiling limit for the bonus is 21000 Rs i.e employees whose salary is less than 21000 Rs will get the bonus.

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