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There are plenty of advantages of playing poker online than in Casinos. Some of these advantages are as follows:

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Website: Adda 52 With all these cool features Pocket52 definitely is one of the top poker sites in India. You will not be dissapointed by playing in Pocket52. There isn’t any specific amount of money you can make online by playing poker. It all depends on what poker table you’re playing. If you spend more time in playing poker, then the chances are you’ll make more profits. The shorter duration you play the less chances of you making a profit.

Android APP: Playstore Link Name* IOS APP: App Store Link Android APP: Playstore Link Poker Dangal has a wide variety of Poker games and also conduct a lot of poker tournaments on a regular basis. If you love poker and wants to try something new, then this is the best site to do that.

9Stacks poker has been gaining a lot of interest over recent times. Its platform has a huge amount of poker tournaments and if you are a poker junkie, then it is one of the best poker sites in India to play poker. There are plenty of plus points for playing poker in Real Poker website. The downside is you cannot play in mobile since it doesn’t have any apps developed for Android or IOS. Overall, Real Poker is a solid poker site in India to play competitive poker with your friends or family. Now to be honest, playing poker is more fun in a casino than online. But, there are a lot of factors that prevent us from visiting a casino. Major factor being, the number of physical casino in India is very less. There are just 21-22 casinos in India. Also, since India is a large country with a highly densed population, it is difficult for everyone to visit casinos and play poker. Casinos in India are not present in each state. So, if you’re a resident living in Bangalore, you’ll have no choice but to play poker online. IOS APP: App Store Link The software used for playing the game is lagfree and has tons of features. You can live chat with your opponents as well as invite your friends to the table you are playing. It is always fun to play and compete with your friends. The software is also fair and gives equal opportunities to win to everyone. There’s no doubt that Adda52 is one of the top poker sites in India. Yes, playing poker online is completely legal in India. There are few restrictions on legality when it comes to physical casino in India, but playing poker online is allowed.

Here I’ll be mentioning the top 10 Poker sites in India for you to play poker tournaments using real cash and earn big. A lot of players play online among these sites and each one of these sites is legal and completely trusted. IOS APP: NA There are a lot more advantages if you play poker online. If you’re interested, then you can have a read here regarding the differences between online poker vs playing poker in a casino.

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