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Looking for other ways to have sex without worrying about conception? We’ve got you covered. Also, because of erratic cycles, this method is not suitable for teenagers or women on the verge of menopause. This method might not work for women who have erratic cycles because of conditions like PCOS and hormonal imbalance. The FAM is one method of birth control, but it comes with its disadvantages. So, make sure you are vigilant and thorough with your calculations to avoid an accidental pregnancy.

The Cyc leBeads smartphone app is available for both Android and iPhone users. It is based on the highly effective family planning method of the same name. To calculate your safe days, you need to understand the various phases of the menstrual cycle. Because of many variable factors, the safe-days method is not 100% reliable. Some women trust this method completely. Hormonal changes (that you are not aware of) and irregular periods can cause errors in calculating the infertile period. Condoms are the easiest option, but if you dislike using then the next best choice is oral contraception. Biologically speaking, this is the time whenthe egg is not present to be fertilised. If you have intercourse when there is no egg, you cannot get pregnant because this is the unfertile period in a menstrual cycle. The safe days for a woman after a period depend on the lifespan of both the sperm and egg. In most cases, ovulation happens on the 14th day of the menstrual cycle if the menstrual cycle is of average length (28 days). The ovulation time varies for each woman and can occur from the 12th day to the 19th day of the cycle. A sperm usually lives for 3 to 5 days in the reproductive tract. Therefore, it is possible to become pregnant unprotected sex is had five days before ovulation. The lifespan of the egg is quite short- only about 24 hours. If fertilisation does not occur within that time frame, the egg will die.

For most women, ovulation occurs approximately 14 days before the next menstruatal cycle starts. It is not easy to know exactly when you would start your next menstrual cycle . However, if your periods are mostly regular, it is easy to calculate the days of ovulation. To do this, you need to use the date of the previous menstrual cycle as a starting point. It is important to note that an egg can be fertilised only four days before ovulation and three days after ovulation. In other words, this is not the safe period, and so, you should avoid intercourse during this period. Last Updated on March 11, 2020 Calculating your safe period is advantageous because it will help you understand what days it is favourable to have sex without protection and with no pregnancy scares. Knowing how to calculate your safe period is essential if you do not wish to have a child right away. However, more importantly, safe period calculation is a great method of birth control because it does not involve ingesting hormonal birth control pills, using an IUD, or hormone injections which can have different effects on different women, ranging from extreme mood swings to weight gain and other problems that hamper one’s well-being. ‘Safe period’ refers to the days when a woman has reduced chances of getting pregnant. So, if you do not want a baby and do not want to use contraceptives either, this is the time you should have sex with your partner. Also Read: Here is how you can interpret your cervical mucus:

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